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Promoting Commercial Recycling: A Sustainable Solution for Your Organization

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Welcome to the world of commercial recycling, where sustainability meets practicality. In the bustling City of Detroit, recycling is not just limited to residential areas. The Department of Public Works has introduced an affordable and convenient single-stream recycling service designed specifically for non-residential properties. Green Living Science, as the trusted recycling education contractor for DPW, is here to help businesses, non-profits, houses of worship, multifamily housing, and other entities start their recycling journey. Fill out our interest form or contact Logan Applebee at or (313) 871-4000 ext. 701 to learn more about the Commercial Recycling Program.

The program offers an attractive low-cost option and the simplicity of single-stream recycling —accepting cardboard, mixed paper, glass, metal, and hard plastics #1-7—all in one container. As an added bonus, the commercial recycling program provides complimentary education sessions and signage to ensure a seamless transition for your organization.

Bee Green Business Consulting

Green Living Science also offers the Bee Green Business program, a tailored waste consulting service that has been transforming waste management practices since 2014. Our team of certified TRUE Zero Waste advisors is dedicated to helping companies, regardless of size, achieve their waste reduction and diversion goals. With the Bee Green Business program, we provide comprehensive waste consulting services, including:

Hauler Recommendations: Our experts will help you find sustainable and cost-effective trash, recycling, and compost haulers that align with your organization's needs.

Waste Reduction Assessments: Through a thorough evaluation of your waste, recycling, and composting needs, we'll offer recommendations on bin placement, styles, and potential vendors, enabling you to establish an efficient recycling and composting process while minimizing contamination.

Receptacle Right-sizing: Let us analyze your current waste situation and suggest appropriate receptacle sizes, saving you money by optimizing waste capacity and composition.

Joint Marketing Plan: Our team can develop a marketing plan that highlights your sustainability efforts, boosting customer loyalty and recognition of your commitment to the environment.

Purchasing Recommendations: We can evaluate your current purchasing decisions and suggest alternative products with lower environmental impacts. Additionally, we offer guidance on developing Environmental Purchasing Policies to support your sustainable procurement practices.

Join the movement toward sustainable waste management today! Contact Green Living Science at or (313) 871-4000 ext. 701 to explore the possibilities, have a FREE walkthrough to help determine the best program for your company, and make a positive impact on both your organization and the world around us.

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