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Georgie's Busy Day

A story book about recycling for PreK-2nd graders


Join Georgie on a walk through his neighborhood where he learns about the importance of recycling. Written with a fun rhyming cadence that is enjoyable to read, Georgie's Busy Day will entertain the youth in your life — while teaching them about litter, recycling, and why it's important. Intended to read as a two page spread, this 16 page book is fun and informative. 

Whether you're looking for a lesson for your students, something to keep your kids entertained while you're working at home, or just want to provide your kids with a little extra motivation to protect the planet — this is for you. 

To get your FREE copy of Georgie's Busy Day, just fill in the form below and we will send you an email with your copy. 

Written by Mary Claire Lamm and Matt Hargis, Illustrated by Aidel Finman

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