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JANUARY 28, 2020

“Green Living Science, headquartered across the street, hosts educational programming and monthly activities at ArtBlock.”

JANUARY 8, 2020

Green Living Science is a non-profit organization that was started in 2011 to teach recycling education in Detroit. We spent a morning with Green Living Science Executive Director, Natalie Jakub, and Education Director Mary Claire Lamm, to learn more about their work.”  

JUNE 28, 2019

A $1 million push to beef up Detroit's recycling program is a key element of the city's new Sustainable Action Agenda, which officials unveiled Friday.

JANUARY 9, 2019

Henry Ford Health System is creating an art-focused community center out of a vacant building near its Detroit hospital. A $200,000 youth and family grant from the West Bloomfield-based Vera and Joseph Dresner Foundation is funding the project, the health system announced Wednesday in a news release.

MAY 8, 2017

Green Living Science Teaches Detroit Kids Importance of Recycling

In Detroit’s New Center neighborhood, Green Living Science is helping teach Detroit kids about the importance of recycling. The non-profit recently hosted hundreds of third graders from around the city for a field day.

AUGUST 30, 2023

“A unique public space in the middle of Detroit is working with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) to raise funds to reactivate its space. The Lincoln Street Art Park is partnering with Green Living Science, Make Art Work, and Recycle Here to revive an area of NW Goldberg for environmental education, art, and community.”

JULY 22, 2019

You know recycling has many benefits, including saving energy and conserving resources. However, Michigan ranks as one of the states with the fewest people who actually recycle, and not all who do recycle do it properly.

JUNE 4, 2019

The Lincoln Street Art Park is a nontraditional sculptural park built on a formerly abandoned industrial site. It is an evolving art project, using recycled...


Green Living Science Hosts Programs to Teach Kids about Recycling

Nonprofit Green Living Science and coalition Zero Waste Detroit are working with the City of Detroit to offer a free Earth Camp, where children ages 8-13 can learn about reduce, reuse and recycle.

MAY 23, 2015

Green Living Science (GLS) is an outgrowth of Recycle Here!, Detroit’s drop-off recycling center and the city’s neighborhood recycling program.

AUGUST 3, 2022

The foundation announced the grant and others, which will come from a $23 million pool, during its annual Board of Trustees meeting June 27.“We are really thoughtful about the amount we grant, different organizations might just need a small amount to get over a hurdle or test something new"

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