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Educational Programs Overview


Working in partnership with local schools and teachers, we provide recycling and environmental education. These lessons are aligned with Michigan science standards, and heavily incorporate the different STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) disciplines.

GLS lessons fit within a framework of the three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) to give students the tools they need to make individual and group behavior change, and help create a sustainable society.



Detroit schools are eligible to host a FREE recycling assembly for Pre-k though 8th grade students with Detroit’s recycling mascot, BEE GREEN! Assemblies engage students in a fun and informational program to increase curbside recycling participate across Detroit!


Our goal at Green Living Science is to educate youth about recycling and help make curbside recycling accessible to all Detroit residents. After the assembly students will receive a voucher to receive a FREE recycling cart for their Detroit residence, which would cost residents $25, but with GLS students’ families receive it for FREE!

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Via @GreenLivingScience on Instagram:
"Huge shout out to the Green Warriors at Keidan! These rockstar students collect recyclables from classrooms and helped make Keidan a Michigan Green School!"

Steam Machine

Introducing our newest program, the Bee Green Plastic Steam Machine!


This fun and interactive program was created to bring a unique learning experience to student. Students will engage with the plastic recycling process and gain an understanding of the history of plastics and the impact of human consumption on our planet. 

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Experience has taught us that recycling is an effective catalyst in creating environmental awareness and behavioral change with students and adults.  Detroit’s trash problem is in plain sight.  We’ve demonstrated that empowering people - so they can make a difference - is the best sustainable solution.

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In partnership with Recycle Here!, Green Living Science (GLS) offers field trips and tours of the facility, as well as the Lincoln Street Art Park.

Our overall focus is to teach students, families and local groups how to recycle in the city of Detroit.

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