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Meet Our New Marketing & Program Coordinator, Lia Holland!

Updated: Feb 27

Detroit, a city known for its resilience and creativity, has a champion in Lia – a born and raised Detroiter with an unwavering love for her community. Achieving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication and Media Studies with a Marketing and Sales Certificate from the University of Michigan, Lia is not just a proud alumna but a passionate advocate for sustainability, a creative soul, and an active member of various community organizations.

From her early days as a young teenager, she assisted in the development of a youth leadership basketball program with a close friend called Neighborhood United in the Metro Detroit area of Harper Woods. Supporting the youth in her neighborhood by providing a safe and fun environment for children to learn the fundamentals of basketball, various life skills, and gain mentors along the way. Going on to being a student at the University of Michigan, Lia has been deeply involved in her community. Her commitment to organizations like the Black Student Union, the Collegiate Midnight Golf Program, and WOLV TV underscores her moral priority of giving back and staying involved. Lia's heart finds joy in connecting with others through community service, sports, and the simple pleasures of nature.

Lia is not just a sustainability advocate; she is a true creative spirit. Her artistic expression knows no bounds, ranging from photography and videography to painting and fashion. Detroit's vibrant art and fashion scene have become integral to Lia's identity, influencing her creative pursuits and shaping her appreciation for the city's cultural richness. A pivotal moment in Lia's artistic journey was discovering The Heidelberg Project. This innovative and unique area fueled her love for art and community, showing her the transformative power of bringing together creativity, community, and the Earth. Lia believes in the possibility of creating and maintaining something beautiful by weaving these elements together.

For Lia, one of Detroit's gems is Belle Isle Park. From childhood memories of feeding ducks with family to capturing the park's essence through her lens, Belle Isle holds a special place in her heart. Now, she explores the island with her camera and her adorable puppy, finding solace and inspiration in the beauty of nature. This is a place she goes all throughout the year, as it is near and dear to her heart.

Lia's story is one of love, creativity, and advocacy—a testament to the vibrant spirit of Detroit. Her journey from student activism to creative exploration reflects the city's dynamic nature. Lia is not just a resident; she is a curator of Detroit's past, present, and future, intertwining art, community, and sustainability to create a tapestry of beauty. As Lia continues to explore, learn, and contribute to her beloved city, she embodies the spirit of Detroit, where the heart beats with the rhythm of resilience and the pulse of creativity.

Feel free to connect with her through email at and on LinkedIn! 

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