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Perspective from a GLS Fundraising Volunteer

My name is Olivia Abrahamian and I am proud to be a volunteer in the community! Being a volunteer is a rewarding experience and provides a sense of purpose along with promoting self esteem. Being a volunteer means you are able to create change. Being a volunteer at Green Living Science has been one of those rewarding experiences that has reaffirmed my commitment to community service.

I started off as a classroom volunteer in the summer programs at GLS. My next step was

becoming a fundraising and development intern and now I am the Volunteer Development Manager at GLS. Through my first experiences in the classroom, it was clear to see the enthusiasm and passion GLS has for educating the community and more specifically its youth. In the classroom I was greeted by smiling faces and had a wonderful time helping guide the lesson. This first experience at GLS made me instantly fall in love with the organization.

After my time in the classroom, there was an opportunity for an internship position and I was happy to make a stronger commitment to GLS and increase my interaction with the organization. A transformation took place during that fundraising and development internship which ignited another passion of mine, fundraising for nonprofits. I gained skills in nonprofit development, fundraising which now have allowed me to become the Volunteer Development Manager at GLS.

Guiding me along my journey is Natalie Jakub, Executive Director. Over the past year I have had the pleasure of working with Natalie on my skills in development and she has truly been a resource to me as she is to the community as well. She works very hard day by day to accomplish GLS’ mission.

Her tenacity and commitment to the community are inspiring. As GLS embarks on its 10 year anniversary, I can't think of a better leader for GLS.

Left - Olivia Abrahamian

I am incredibly grateful to have been a part of the progress GLS has made despite the hardships of the pandemic. I am looking forward to what the future brings to GLS and hoping for another 10 years of success.


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