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Meet Our New Education Director!

From volunteer to advocate, educator, and now, director, welcome them with greetings and greenings!

Curtis Schabath is a third-generation Detroiter, adjunct professor, pup parent, and nonprofit stan. Specializing in conservation, social justice, animal activism, and equity, they have been supporting and uplifting the growth of sustainability and equality throughout the city for most of their life. Their passion comes from lived experiences, gratefully being a part of many types of communities, and the constant search for ways to create joy and learning opportunities for others. Curtis is continuously inspired by the strides the city and the organizations all around it have made in recent years and can't wait to see and be a part of many of the ways we will all uplift and reinvent Detroit and Detroiters.

They look forward to helping make a continued difference in the environmental, recycling, and educational shared spaces through meaningful relationships, equally being an open ear and empathetic guide to our fellow residents and the youth/future leaders of this beautiful city.

Through purposeful collaboration, fun curriculum, engaging events, and reciprocal support systems, Curtis aims to constantly provide ways and means for Green Living Science to expand, establish, implement, and succeed through innovative programs and partnerships. They are a staunch believer that we can only fulfill these hopes and dreams TOGETHER.

When not working, volunteering, and teaching they can be found on Belle Isle year-round (they even have a tattoo of the island), at Keyworth Stadium for DCFC matches (as a supporter since 2013), enjoying all the amazing food, venues, festivals, parks/skateparks, and small businesses across all of Detroit, shooting photos, crate digging/DJing, road tripping, and celebrating the accomplishments of the city and its people.

Reach out to them at

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