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Meet Our New Community Engagement Coordinator, Kamryn Gardner!

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Meet our new Community Engagement Coordinator,

Kamryn hopes to engage Detroit residents in new efforts that encourage recycling and the spread of sustainable lifestyles throughout the city. She is currently the community outreach coordinator and is excited to work with the Green Living Science team. Kamryn is from the Metro-Detroit area and has many family and friends that dwell in the city. She has witnessed the redevelopment of Detroit, and is inspired by the uplifting of underserved communities, and is happy to join the fight for change against environmental injustice.

Kamryn’s interest in environmental education began when she took part in engineering start-up initiatives such as Detroit Area Pre College Engineering Program (DAPCEP). Early on, she was exposed to the importance of mitigating climate change and preserving the natural resources we have. During her collegiate career, Kamryn developed a passion for preserving the Earth for future generations while. She loves to advocate for sustainable change by volunteering with urban gardens, restoring neighborhoods through beautification clean-ups, and canvassing opportunities to promote recycling in Detroit. She wants Detroiters to reside in a place they love, with equitable resources for sustainable living.

Kamryn has always enjoyed the beauty of nature and very often finds many similarities to the beauty in art. She enjoys painting, drawing, and digital art that captures a room filled with vibrancy and hue, much like the landscapes that nature has to offer. She loves to take pictures, as well as create sustainable customized fashion pieces.

Her email is and her Linked in is Kamryn Gardner if you would like to connect!

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