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Meet Our New Intern, Zoe Braun!

Supporting and uplifting recycling education and action is part of Zoe's Braun's purpose and passion! She is currently serving as the community outreach intern and is excited to work with the Green Living Science team. Zoe is from Grand Rapids, but her family has roots in Detroit. She has visited often and is inspired by all that is happening in the city.

Zoe's interest in environmental justice is what drew her to the mission of Green Living Science! She looks forward to working alongside others and brings knowledge and experience she gained by developing social media and education materials for the Sunrise Movement, serving as the co-chair for the Grand Rapids Community Foundation Youth Grant Committee, and tutoring at the Refugee Education Center.

Zoe has always known that the sun, sky, trees and water were full of life! "For as long as I can remember, I loved being outdoors and was conscious about the resources and the world around me." As a college sophomore at Grand Valley State University, she wants to instill care for the environment in the generations of youth that will follow her. She is pursuing a degree in environmental science and enjoys reading a book a week, listening to music, and hip hop dancing (when she has free time).

Her email is and her Linkedin is Zoe Braun if you would like to connect!

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