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Teamwork and Transformation: An Update To The Lincoln Street Art Park Project

What does it take to transform a forgotten space?

Last week at the Lincoln Street Art Park, it took:

  • 55+ volunteers

  • Hundreds of plants

  • 134 volunteer hours

  • 19 yards of soil/compost

  • 6 trees

  • 3 boxes of popsicles

To transform this:

To this:

With funding support from Mercedes Benz Financial Services, the Gilbert Family Foundation, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and dozens of individuals through our crowdfunding efforts, as well as volunteers from corporate partners Energy Sciences, Ally, Progressive AE, and MSU Extension, we were able to make this day a standout success.

At the end of the very hot day, while enjoying much-needed popsicles, we reflected on our accomplishments. We had:

  • Installed a rain garden

  • Created a pollinator garden

  • Established two butterfly-friendly shade gardens

  • Improved walkways

  • Stacked firewood

  • Cleaned up over 112 lbs of trash

  • Planted 6 trees in mobile containers to move around the park depending on the event

More importantly, this workday provided an opportunity for giving back, teamwork, meeting new people, laughter, problem-solving, and getting a little dirty. With two more workdays to go before the grand opening of the park, we are excited to see how much more transformation this space can undergo. If you want to support these workdays, please reach out to us at

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