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A Girl Scout Story - It's Important to Have More Birds on our Planet!

I snapped this photo of the bird saving Girl Scout and she said something to the effect of its important to have more birds on our planet. It was beautiful to see that some things seeped in.

Over the last 7 years it has been a joy to work alongside the incredible teachers and community members that are moving the needle toward creating a bit of happiness in these strange times. Earlier this week I received a text message from a Girl Scout leader for a troop in Southwest Detroit, who we have provided many programs to over the years.

She messaged to tell me one of her girls found an injured bird and was not sure what to do, but remembered the summer program where she learned about the importance of birds in our urban ecosystem. We held this program at the Lincoln Street Art Park in 2018 and partnered with Detroit Audubon to create a program where girls bird watched and sent their data into a national citizen scientist program.

After a video call with the girl scout, I got to work looking for a wildlife center. This girl scout is now in middle school - at the time of our summer program she was much to cool for my excitement level as I scoured my bird book trying to identify the birds we were seeing and was now helping her find places in her backyard to look for worms. We found a rehabilitation center and I scooped the feathered friend from her home where she had created a small nest from paper towels.

I’ve seen hundreds of students over the years in echoing auditoriums and basement gyms talking with Detroit kids about what it means to “bee green” and to make small changes in life to reduce their impact on the planet. I’ve seen students grow over the years never really knowing the true impact of what I bounce around on stage at assemblies and if that seeps in.

When I think about the impact of Green Living Science it is not from the happy resident calling us to ask if plastic wrap can be put in their new recycling cart, or the proud business owner who earned their Bee Green Certification leading the way toward a more sustainable city. It is from the tiny pieces that come together when the Bee Green mascot comes out on stage and the room full of young Detroiters gasp with joy.

Few people have had a chance to see that, I’ve been lucky enough to experience it hundreds of times and for that I am grateful.

Smile Often, Love Always!

Mary Claire Lamm

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