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The Bee Green Plastic STEAM* Machine creates an educational experience for youth of all ages to understand the history of plastic and the current plastic crisis facing our planet. Inside the 14 foot enclosed trailer students can understand how plastic is made through an exhibit style discovery. 

Outside the trailer is where students discover the process of recycling as they see how the plastic shredder and injection machine change old plastics into new products. Through hands-on activities students discover how they can make personal behavior changes to decrease their consumption of plastic. The experience encourages students to think differently no only with the materials they are using, but also in how innovation can spark change towards a more sustainable society. 

*STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math

Thank you to our sponsors, GM and DTE!

Bee green plastic steam Machine


Students get to: 

  • Engage in the exhibit of The Story of a Plastic Water Bottle inside the enclosed trailer to understand how natural resources are used and the history of our obsession with plastic.

  • Interact with the outdoor classroom style learning environment set up around the exhibit. Students will engage in hands-on activities to discover the chemical compounds of plastic to better understand the dangers of single use plastics.

  • Interact with the plastic shredder and injection machine, which are also set up in the outdoor experience. These machines depict the process of how recycling changes old items into new products. Students will participate in this process by monitoring the heating couplets for the injection machine and analyze the engineering components necessary to recycle plastic.

  • Each 5th grade classroom that participates in this educational experience will take a copy of the Green Living Science comic book. The comic has Michigan Science Standards aligned activities to extend students learning back in the classroom.

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