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Saying Goodbye to Marketing Intern Zoe

Grand Valley State University junior, Zoe Braun, is leaving the Green Living Science Team, but in her time as the Marketing Intern she has been an instrumental part of our extended outreach to the community, and moving our mission forward. Pursuing a degree in environmental science gave her the depth needed to support our marketing, by drafting blog posts, newsletters, and social media content.

Playing a key role in constantly finding ways to support our mission and GLS staff,

her over 160 hours of work over the last eight months has increased our capacity.

Using her creativity and expertise in marketing she created marketing materials for a variety of fundraisers, park clean-up events such as Clean Streets in the D, and local community gatherings where GLS was able to provide recycling education for Detroiters.

Zoe also has strong business communication skills which she put to use identifying partnerships for event vendors and contacting community partners that would host Green Living Science to share educational workshops on waste diversion and recycling.

She also helped to reinforce the education feedback loop by calling residents and evaluating the education performances of Recycling Ambassadors directly through phone calls to community residents. Having such a well rounded young professional as an addition to the team has been a wonderful time and we look forward to seeing where her journey leads next!

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Zoe Braun
Zoe Braun
Sep 15, 2022

This experience has been an incredible opportunity. To work with people who are passionate and committed to environmental progress has help me to grow and stretch. i’m grateful for the numerous opportunities I was given to support their important work. I will forever be grateful for this learning opportunity. Thank you!

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