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Introducing Nazifa: Student Intern

Hi! My name is Nazifa Hussain and I am a 2nd year student at Wayne State University. I am studying Public Health and I am currently doing a project for WSU’s Public Health Honors Program. For this program, I am to complete a project of my choice outside of my Public Health class and I chose to do it for my Environmental Health class with Professor Natalie! I found out my Professor is the Executive Director of Green Living Science and knew this was the perfect opportunity for me to do my project and most importantly for me to learn more about how to help our planet! I am excited to be volunteering with the Green Living Science team and I cannot wait to learn more about the organization and what they stand for!

To know a little more about me, I am a huge nature lover! I appreciate the beauty of our planet whenever I have the chance to, so right now being mid October, I am living life with so many colors around which make sense because fall is also my favorite season! I was not always like this, but it was last summer when my family and I went to Traverse City, MI where I fell absolutely in love with the outdoors and all that it has to offer us. A majority of the photos I attached are actually from my trip there! I may not be the type of person to go off grid and live out in a forest, but I definitely love to appreciate and explore Earth’s beauties, especially the ones we have in Michigan! I also enjoy traveling, spending time with good people, and working out a couple times a week.

From this experience, in terms of my project goals, I am planning on writing a 4-6 page essay on what I have learned from my experience and overall reflect on my experience by doing something hands-on and how the experience made me feel as a person. On the other hand, I hope to learn more about educating myself and those around me on how to better take care of our planet. I hope that by volunteering with this organization, I am able to make changes in my life and learn how to live a cleaner and more sustainable life for myself! I look forward to working with the Green Living Science team and am excited to begin my journey!


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