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How to Pick the Right Reusable Water Bottle (and Keep it Clean)

Listen, we all want to throw away less trash. Whether we know the importance of recycling or we just want to trim our usage of resources of all kinds, plastic bottles are a really good place to start. If you had to guess, how many of these do you think are bought around the world?

Guess what: In just a minute, the globe’s population purchases about 1 million plastic bottles. And all those bottles are eventually thrown away.

That’s why it’s time to take a vow and try to get away from plastic bottles and instead stock up with a reusable version that works for your needs. Sure, you might need more than one based on exercise or daily use — but finding the right one is important for the health of the planet. Why should you do this and what do you need to find? This graphic sorts it out for you.

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