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Activities to Keep Your Kids Green Over the Summer

Do you need some fun yet educational activities for your kids over the summer? The summer is a perfect time to do engaging activities with kids that are still educational since they are not in school. Here at GLS, we have many activities for kids of all ages that will expand their knowledge about the earth and how us as humans affect it. Here are 4 activities you can do with your kids over the summer!

1. Junk Art

In this activity children PreK-8th grade will use their imaginations to create art out of discarded materials. While doing this activity you can talk about how repurposing items is a better alternative to throwing them away.

Supplies Needed:

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Tape

  • Discarded materials (spoons, forks, bolts)

  • Photos of art made from reused materials

  • Cardboard pieces

  • Small items (bottle caps, cans, utensils, wood scraps, branches, pinecones, yarn, ribbon, used paper, towel rolls, old cards, fabric, Styrofoam) –some can be found at Recycle Here! in Detroit


  • Display photos of art made of discarded materials for inspiration

  • Demonstrate the creation of an art piece from the materials. This can be anything, feel free to use your imagination as well!

  • Have the children get the items they want to use and brainstorm a list of ideas for what they can make as well as make a sketch.

  • Allow ample time for them to finish their creations.

  • Finally, talk about their creations and what the original items were used for. Explain the importance of repurposing and recycling as a way to reduce waste.

  • Most important of all, have fun!

2. Read Georgie's Busy Day (A story about recycling for PreK-2nd Grade)


  • Go to the Green Living Science website and click on the tab that says “Resources”

  • Go to the Georgie's Busy Day tab and download a free copy

  • Join Georgie on a walk through his neighborhood where he learns about the importance of recycling.

  • This book is fun and informative and will keep your kids entertained

3. Take a Family Trip to the Recycling Center

  • Give the kids a great understanding of what really happens to their recyclables when they leave the house

  • The kids curiosity will handle the rest in this fun activity

4. Cardboard Challenge

Supplies needed:

  • Cardboard

  • Scissors

  • Tape

  • Markers

Use this activity to boost creativity and to learn more about their communities needs

  • Challenge your kids to build something out of cardboard of something they would like to see in their community such as a park, gym, community center etc.

  • Allow time for them to complete the activity and talk about the significance of recycling cardboard and the benefits that their creation would bring to their community

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