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Meet our Community Engagement Intern, Lindsey Hazelton!

Lindsey has been a lover of the Earth and nature since she was little. As she got older, she realized how much she loved to inform people about ways to help the environment, and eventually decided that Environmental Science was the career she wanted to pursue. She attended Michigan State University for the first year of college, studying journalism. It became apparent to her throughout the year that Environmental Science was her passion, and she is now going into her senior year at Wayne State University, studying just that. She loves to educate those around her about the proper ways to recycle, and always lends an open ear to those that want to learn more about sustainability.

Lindsey would love to work with the Great Lakes when she is older, as well as continuously educate people around her that are interested in learning more about ways to help the environment. She has been working with Green Living Science for almost 2 months, and has loved being able to connect with so many different communities in Detroit. She hopes to continue to show people how to live sustainably, and make sure that everyone has access to recycling options.

Outside of that, Lindsey loves to go on hikes and explore the world. She loves to go to different caverns around the U.S. when she is able to take a vacation. She also enjoys playing video games, listening to music and spending time pursuing her hobby of photography. Lindsey is ecstatic to be working with Green Living Science, and wants to continuously help those around her.

If you want to connect, Lindsey's email is and her LinkedIn is Lindsey Hazelton.

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