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Introducing: Emily Weiss. Our new Director of Education!

Emily Weiss, Director of Education

Emily Weiss is the new Director of Education for Green Living Science. She was drawn to the organization because of its dedication to create a vision of our city rooted firmly in sustainability. She is grateful and excited for the role as it gives the opportunity to provide inspiration based recycling, and environmental literacy education to the next generation of doers.

Emily's passion for educating was ignited in the college of education at Wayne State University. This passion has grown throughout the years as her professional experience has taken her to both formal and informal settings. Over her career she has worked at a historical home learning about the non-profit industry, in the healthcare field providing in-home elder care, in formal education settings including work with neurodivergent individuals and early childhood programs.

Emily believes most enjoyable education can happen in informal settings

Emily has found the most authentic and quite frankly the most enjoyable education can happen in informal and passion drive settings like the kind Green Living Science provides. She uses her background to emphasize the full connectivity of sustainability to the past, present, and future.

A certified TRUE advisor, currently enrolled in the Sustainability & Development Professional MasterTrack from University of Michigan, and a lifelong supporter of sustainability Emily will be an amazing addition to our team.

Emily can't wait to create a backyard supporting the natural ecosystem

Emily and her fiancée began restoring a Detroit home inch by inch in the spring of 2022. Their vision is trifold: 1) restore the house to its original glory 2) grow a portion of our own food to nourish ourselves and our loved ones 3) create a green space that provides ecosystem support - a backyard full of butterflies, moths, bees, and caterpillars.

Join us in welcoming Emily to the team. You can reach her at

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