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sixth grade lesson plans





Download our free Fourth Grade Lesson Plans

Do you need new Earth Day and Science lesson plan ideas? Are you a collector of environmental science games, PowerPoints, activities, worksheets and crafts?


These lesson plans are great for 

  • stay at home parents with virtual home schoolers 

  • fourth grade school teachers 

  • substitute teachers

  • daycare school teachers

  • after school latchkey caretakers

  • babysitters


We created lesson plans designed around the importance of recycling, natural resources, community building development, Download our free third grade lesson plans which include:


  • Step by step guided lesson plans, activity guides, printable e-books, PowerPoint presentations, games, and worksheets for environmental education. Guiding you and your third graders to answer questions like:

    • What are natural resources and what can we do to reduce our dependence on them?

      Where do our trash and recycling go after we put throw them away?

      How can I recycle at my home and school?

    • How has the Arctic sea ice changed from 1979 to 2015 and what did humans do to contribute to this change?

    • Can you see patterns in the changes in the Arctic sea ice?

    • What is the greenhouse effect?

    • How do we reduce CO2 molecules in our home, school and society?

    • What is carbon dioxide

    • Where do greenhouse gases originate from?

    • What's the difference between natural resources, materials and recycled material?

    • What is recycling and how can we do it at our homes and school?

    • How do we reduce, re-use and recycle and why is it important? 

    • What is a CO2 molecule?

    • What part of your daily habits influence greenhouse gas emissions?

  • Green Living Science educational Youtube videos

  • Hands on and craft making

  • Video of the Arctic sea ice which is seen from space looking at the earth change from the year 1979 to 2015

  • Green House effect game to understand how ice is melting in the Arctic sea with inside and outside options and a step-by-step guide

  • Outside activities

  • CO2 molecule card game

  • Earth Day PowerPoint Lesson

  • Set goals with students for recycling at home and school

  • Create a booklet about how we can help take care of our environment 

  • Passport game to get students to practice reducing, re-using and recycling at home

  • Partnered and group activities

  • Help students develop critical thinking and memory building skills

  • Encourage student ownership of their school community with a clean-up activity

  • Guided activities for students to repeat monthly to teach them about recycling and trash pick-up

  • Post a photo of your recycling center on Green Living Science’s Facebook / Twitter or email to Get a FREE recycling cart by going to a Green Living Science’s workshop check to see when your school is hosting a workshop or visit


Teacher with Students lesson plans and activities for third grade science teachers
Recycling Bottles
Recycling Paper
Recycling and earth day activities and lesson plans for third graders
Third grade recycling activities and lesson plans
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