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2022 Student Recycling Ambassador Projects

Check out the 2022 Cohort's Anti-Litter Recycling PSA projects!

Don Francis

Why Should We Recycle? Flyer

By : Emily Quinteros, Ian Robinson, Hallo Albrecht


Students created a flyer marketing the environmental, economic, and social benefits that recycling has to offer. 

Ashley Jones

Intro to the 5 Rs Video

By: Madeha Rahaman & Mahfuja Hannan

Students created a video to promote environmental awareness and education about the 5Rs.

Madeha Project.jpg
Untitled design.png

Tess Brown

Environmental Impacts of Pollution Video

By: Kennedy Boyd

Student created a video outlining the affects that pollution can have on individuals, the envrionmnet and society. 

Southwest Detroit Environmental Justice

By: Caleb Boyd

Student created a video describing the environmental justice issues taking place in Southwest Detroit 

caleb .png
env justice.png

Lisa Rose

Environmental Justice Video

By: Bryanada Washington, Willow Lagrou, & Zamua Yesmin

Students created a video to highlight the importance of Environmental justice.

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